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These sculptures have been created and conceived first with imagination,
it all starts with a sketchbook, the next phase is to reproduce whatever was sketched to a 3D modeling software. Once done, the creation is deconstructed into smaller
pieces and ready to be printed on one of my multiple professional 3D  printers.

Once printed, the individual pieces are verified and retouched, a  few coats of plaster is then applied and sanded down. The piece is then carefully inspected, and a set of LED lights is installed inside each section, to support the sculpture, a wood, plexiglass, concrete or marble base is then created as a support.

The LED Light strips have an easy to replace power supply in case they go out,
they either work with a remote control or with an app on your phone, where you can change the colors brightness, fading in and out from color to color, they can also change colors with music.

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