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My Journey

I have always been creative.
I did my art studies at “l’École Supérieure des Arts Modernes” in my hometown Paris, France.
Since my first collective exhibition at the age of 18, I have focused on the creation of improvised, absurd sculptures, made with lost objects in the style of Dadaism and New realism art movements.

Also, I have always been a nomad.
I have lived in various places in France, Switzerland and more recently in the United States. Nowadays, I have set foot and my studio in Atlanta Georgia, I am incessantly looking to discover new worlds, transforming my usual environment, trying out new ways of doing things.

While in the States, I discovered other alternatives of expression such as video and new technologies, particularly 3D printing, which opened me up an infinite possibility of creating countless objects.

Currently I participate in group and private exhibitions and mostly sell my work on the internet. Recently, the desire and commitment to share my work with a larger audience is arising.
Through my objects I also seek to establish affinities with the people around me, so do not hesitate to go through my gallery on this website and contact me if you want to talk about a personal commission or art project.

See you soon!

Studio Visit

Here are just a couple of videos in my studio, more to come...


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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